About us

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do"

- Steve Jobs


Our Vision is to become the leading, global provider in comprehensive industrial services.

Our purpose as a company, our actions and decisions are measured against our mission and our Business Building Blocks.

Our Mission is:

  • Be honest to the values we share with our employees, partners and clients.
  • Provide the best service to our customers globally.
  • Build growing, long-term partnerships.

Our vision and mission will only become reality when we live our own culture and maintain our core values.

Our Values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.


Our people are our main asset. The creativity, energy, and expertise of our people is the foundation upon which we build our business success.
Our People

  • love their work
  • are top class
  • are looking for improvement and progress
  • are looking for challenges
  • are always looking to create value
  • want to deliver quality
Deliver to our customers a portfolio of high quality services that anticipates and satisfies customers’ business needs and challenges.

That includes:

  • Production lines installation/relocation/modification
  • Manufacture and Supply mechanical and electrical parts
  • Process Safety Studies and Hazard Studies
  • Engineering and Technical studies
  • Project management and construction management services
  • Laser 3D scanning
  • Industrial 360 walkthrough video shooting
  • Equipment/machine crating
  • Drones and rovers
  • E2E project services (End to End: Project Management – Procurement Management – Vendor Acceptance Test – Construction Management – Installation)
Operate as a highly effective, lean, highly flexible and dynamic organization…

…focusing on the market

  • Focus on the needs of our customers and technology partners.
  • Stay in the market and listen, observe and learn.
  • Be driven by relentless curiosity.

…working smart

  • Act with urgency.
  • Remain responsive to change.
  • Have the courage to change course when needed.
  • Remain constructively discontent.
  • Work efficiently

…acting like owners

  • Maintaining leadership.
  • Accountability for our actions and inactions.
  • Steward system assets.
  • Reward our people for taking calculated risks and finding better ways to solve problems.
  • Learn from results and learn from customers.

In searching for new ideas and further developments we look beyond the confines of the company.
That’s why intensive cooperation with our business partners and suppliers is essential along the entire value-added chain.


Hier ein Verweis auf alle Unternehmen der ROBUR.

Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co. KG

Leading specialist for Construction Manterial

Fr. Jacob Söhne GmbH & Co. KG

JACOB is the Number 1 in Europe for Piping systems – modular and worldwide.


Our global logistic partner for optimized transports through teh whole transport chain.


From its founding in 2000 to the present day, TEC is experiencing steady growth. A short extract of the most important milestones can be found here:


We are future focused. Our curiosity about the future drives our passion for innovation and set the base for our corporate sustainability.



Our strength in innovation is based on our exposure to wide spectrum of industrial technologies and powered by our curious and motivated multinational team.

We use up to date tools and methodologies in our construction and engineering services.

This enables us to provide premium service with top class quality in optimum time and cost to our global customers.


Our corporate sustainability consists of 3 pillars:

We participate in keeping our environment healthy by reducing the solid wastes generated in construction sites.

We treat our employees, partners and competitors with fairness. We aim to develop new local job opportunities wherever we extend our business.

We drive our business with calculated risks. Our risk management involves analyzing our range of services and products with respect to the regional economic status and local markets.


Fast-moving consumer goods

With excellent experience in these specific technologies:

Automotive Industry

In one of the most important industries in Germany with many OEMs and suppliers, we have been successfully presented in the market for many years.

From the installation of an entire new production line at an OEM in Turkey, through the new installation of press machines at Tier2 to conveyor belt maintenance, we have implemented a variety of projects safely and successfully.

Process Industry

Egypt has significant fossil energy resources (Oil and Gas). We have been supporting many local and international O&G manufacturers in the following areas:

Firefighting Networks

Given the government focus on safety in manufacturing facilities and warehouses, we have supported many factories by supplying and installing complete firefighting and fire alarm systems.

Wind Energy

Energy demand is growing, and Egypt is shifting to renewable energies. Egypt enjoys an excellent wind regime, particularly in the Suez Gulf. We are supporting the main OEM in the following aspects:


OHSAS 18001
Zertifikat SCC


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Qualified and certified
Single machine to entire plant relocation
Comprehensive & Combined services – from budget calculation till commissioning as turn key
Global network
+ 3000 successful projects
+1.500.000 safe construction hours
12 Languages Fluently
+20% Annual growth ratio
In House Project Management
Advanced Technologies and in House R&D
Local and global availability
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